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Office of Community Engagement
Francis C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez Street
Stanford  CA 94305

Main telephone number:  (650) 498-9785

Office of Community Engagement Team Members

Megan Swezey Fogarty  

Associate Vice President for Community Engagement

Megan Fogarty

Megan leads the Office of Community Engagement to help shape more purposeful engagement between Stanford and the communities with which the university interacts. 

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Preeti Hehmeyer  

Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement

Preeti Hehmeyer

Preeti directs strategy for the Office of Community Engagement, connecting Stanford research and teaching resources for more purposeful engagement in the region, nation, and world. 

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Lisa Chung 

Director, Local Engagement and Outreach

Lisa is lead story-teller, exploring the many collaborations between Stanford and the community. She also helps connect members of the community with Stanford as part of our efforts to forge deeper ties with our neighbors and the region.

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Joel Berman

Director, Community Engagement Communications for the Office of Community Engagement and University Communications.

Joel Berman

Joel plans and coordinates communication strategies and programs, supporting the university’s engagement with local and regional communities. 

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Joanna Jeffs

Program Specialist for the Office of Community Engagement & the Office of Government Affairs

Joanna Jeffs

Joanna coordinates community engagement events and exposure projects, supporting the university’s engagement with neighborhoods, and non-profit and government agencies. 

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Merry Pham

Director, International Engagement and Operations

Merry Pham

Merry works to advance international engagement and develop resources to support global visitors, including international university representatives, visiting scholars and dignitaries. She also manages operations for strategic projects including mapping community engagement hubs and seed funding.

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Aubra Pricolo

Executive Assistant

Aubra Pricolo

Aubra provides operations and project support for the community engagement team. 

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