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State guidelines require colleges and universities to limit the public use of campus spaces and resources. For the latest information, please visit the FAQs about Campus Zones.

A Guide to Planning Academic Meetings for International Representatives

This guide is to help international representative visitors prepare for productive academic meetings at Stanford and define mutually beneficial teaching, research, and academic goals for Stanford faculty and staff.

We recommend visitors complete the steps below in advance of contacting our office and/or the hosting Stanford department or organization so that we can ensure visits maximize your time.

Poster Presentation

Planning Guide

Clearly define the purpose, goals, and objectives of your visit

This is a helpful starting point to connect with campus partners who have mutual areas of interest.

Identify relevant departments or faculty/staff members beforehand

Please refer to departmental websites and faculty/staff profiles online. Our office may assist in identifying relevant people if you provide specific details that explain the scope and goals of your visit. 

Narrow the topics or questions for each meeting (ideally 3-5)

These specific points are particularly useful to maximizing the meeting time, as they help faculty and staff prepare the most relevant information.

Communicate your requested visit date and delegation details

Communicate the above information, your requested visit date(s), and delegation details (i.e. names, titles, bios) to our office and/or your hosting Stanford department as early as possible, and no later than two weeks before the date of the proposed visit.

Indicate if your visit will involve media/press coverage or security personnel (this will trigger additional procedures with Stanford’s Office of Special Events & Protocol)

We are unlikely to accommodate visit requests that are sent on short notice (i.e. less than two weeks) out of respect for faculty/staff time and resources. Therefore, we request you communicate visit requests as early as possible and ideally, 4 weeks or more in advance.