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Community Engagement Hub Map

campus hub map
Go to the map to browse hubs. This map illustrates Stanford’s 140+ Community Engagement Hubs and is intended as a starting point to gain a sense of the many forms of Stanford’s community engagement. Users can explore hubs by thematic area, school or unit, or key partners. Hub listing includes contact information and featured examples of their work.

To highlight the practice of community collaboration, the Office of Community Engagement has created the map linked above to identify those Stanford departments and units that we call Community Engagement Hubs. Over the years, Stanford has partnered with community members to research and find solutions to issues and challenges in the region and across the globe. 

In engaging with community groups and entities, Stanford’s faculty, staff and students in our schools and units rely on a foundation of relationships. Success is built over time, whether it’s tutoring and co-creating learning strategies or working with shelter organizations to better support people experiencing homelessness. Each of these hubs on this map have collaborative projects with community entities.

Stanford defines “Community Engagement Hubs” as the offices and units at Stanford that: