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Learning for All

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From early childhood through a lifetime, Stanford provides opportunities for continuous growth. 

Subscribe to our mailing lists: K12 STEM Programs to learn about upcoming programs for K12 students and teachers.  Stanford faculty, students, and staff interested in outreach opportunities my join the  STEM Outreach mailing list (Note: Stanford email address required to join). 


How do I know if I got into a program I applied for?

Programs at Stanford operate independently. For status updates regarding your application, please contact the program administrator or contact email directly. You can find contact program contact information on our site by clicking on the program link. Most programs will have specific contacts listed in the program description.

How do I find an internship at Stanford?

There are many internship opportunities on our Programs pages. In addition, here are some tips for finding volunteer internships.

Visit the Stanford University Lifelong Learning directory to get an overview of Stanford’s offerings — including preschool activities; open content such as podcasts, virtual field trips, and online encyclopedias; pre-college internships and enrichment programs; and professional development designed for all career stages.

Education and STEM Outreach

Learn how we serve as a nexus connecting faculty, students and post-docs with youth, school teachers, non-profit organizations and the broader community.

Year-round, Stanford offers learning opportunities to its neighbors and a global audience. You don't have to be a Stanford student to learn at Stanford. From resources and development for educators to programs for students of all all ages, the offerings found at Stanford, in person and virtually, nourish the curious mind. 

K - 12 Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Community College Programs 

Winter 2024 Stanford Community College Programs

Lifelong Learning

Online Learning

Resources for Educators

Summer Programs

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Are you looking for public programs or events in a particular area? Please get in touch.