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The Dish in the Stanford foothills at dusk

Online Learning

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Entrepreneurship Corner

A free collection of over 1600 videos and podcasts, featuring lectures by today’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders.

Understand Energy Learning Hub

The content of this popular course at Stanford has been made available to anyone who wants to undertand energy as a complex system that impacts human development, the environment, the economy, equity and justice and more. Go at your own pace.

The Human Experience

An inside look at the humanities at Stanford, along with information on experts, publications, podcasts, videos, and events.

Stanford Center for Professional Development

Find tips and support for navigating online learning as a student, staff, or faculty member.

Stanford Channel on YouTube

Catch up on the latest Stanford news videos and share your favorite courses, lectures and interviews all from within your web browser of choice.


The “”, also known as the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, is a leading teaching center for design and experiential learning. Students from all 7 Stanford schools take classes as electives. Curious visitors can explore these virtual tour slides.

Stanford’s Free Online Courses

Stanford offers a variety of online learning opportunities, including eleven free online courses from the School of Engineering.

Stanford Health Library

Free health and medical information provided by Stanford Hospitals and Clinics on-line and at five locations.

Stanford on iTunes U

Put Stanford in your pocket. Take courses, faculty lectures, interviews, music and more with you, and enjoy Stanford content when you want it, where you want it.