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Make a Kit Fall Project

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The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) is facilitating the “Make a Kit” project for employees, as an addition to the Cardinal at Work Cares donation drive. If your team, office, or unit would like to make ready-to-go kits that brighten a day or make life a little easier, contact

Put your hearts and creativity into collecting and assembling kits for use by clients of the following two nonprofit organizations near Stanford.

The deadline to complete kits is Friday, December 8. Kits need to be delivered to OCE in the Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, 326 Galvez Street, Stanford, by 5:00 p.m. the same day.

Opportunity Center, LifeMoves (Palo Alto)

The Opportunity Center is located at 33 Encina Ave., just across from the Stanford campus and next door to Town and Country Village. It provides temporary shelter for dozens of our local unhoused neighbors by rotating regular hosting duties among local temples and churches.

Kits they seek:

Person standing in front of welcome mat

Welcome Home Kit: Choose items that can be placed in a unit for the arrival of a new client. Use your creativity for a mix of supplies that can include soaps, cleaning supplies, flashlight, hand towels, games, books, or perhaps a succulent. Pack with care in a simple box or bag that welcomes.

Hands tying ribbon around a card

Birthday Kit: A birthday card designed by you with a message, alongside a useful gift card (Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Target). Phone chargers are also always needed! A homemade card and gift card can be put in an envelope. 

Generations United (Redwood City)

Generations United serves 50-60 children and families who live and work in Redwood City. The organization provides education, after school services, and small business training, among other services.

Kits they seek:

Laundry basket in front of a washing machine

Laundry Basket Kit: Fill a laundry basket with essential needs - laundry soap, hand soap, rolls of quarters (for laundry), and maybe an umbrella for traveling to the laundromat.


Ornaments in boxes

Holiday Kit: These families celebrate Christmas and seek string lights, candles, ornaments, stockings, candy canes, and holiday candles. Pack neatly in a simple box or bag.