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2023 Community Partnership Awards

Read about the 2023 partnerships that have been recognized for their impact on real-world problems and how they advance the public good.

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Campus Engagement Projects and Administrative Services Manager

LisaMarie Moroyoqui

In her current role, LisaMarie pilots different projects to drive social engagement and community-building by working with faculty, staff, and students.

Prior to this, she worked as a Project Coordinator for Stanford’s Department of Medicine (DOM). Since starting her career at Stanford, her focus has been on diversity initiatives. As Project Coordinator, she worked on projects with faculty and staff across various groups, including the faculty Diversity committee, and the LENS (Leading to Effectively Navigate Searches) group.  Her experience also includes coordinating large-scale events for the DOM and actively contributing to faculty recruitment best practices. 

Before joining the Stanford community in 2019, LisaMarie worked in Skilled Nursing as a Business Office Assistant. Her experiences working with patients and their families are what taught her how to be a humanistic leader.


MA, Business Administration
BA, Psychology, San Jose State University