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Engaging Regionally

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Since the university opened in 1891, Stanford has engaged with communities near its campus and beyond, and our commitment to improving where we live, work, learn, and play remains undiminished. When the region thrives, Stanford thrives. 

The university draws its inspiration from Stanford’s Founding Grant and the people and programs that comprise the university’s network of community engagement efforts. The scale and urgency of mutual issues have further underscored our shared future. In listening to our neighbors and working across the region and beyond, our goal is to sustain communities for future generations. 

Below are a few highlights of Stanford’s relationship with the broader community. 

The Black Farmers Initiative, led by Stanford's Residential & Dining Enterprises, received an OCE seed funding award in 2023 to partner with Farms to Grow Inc. to develop a tool kit to help Black farmers scale the purchasing model.

Supporting the Community

Stanford’s commitment to improving where we live, work, learn, and play is expressed in many ways.

OCE Community Engagement Impact Fund Projects

The Office of Community Engagement's impact funds support mostly faculty-led projects that are co-created with community organizations in efforts to accelerate solutions to affordability, education, health, and sustainability challenges in our region.