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Quinteto Latino musicians get first-graders in East Palo Alto involved by asking them to raise their hands at a point in the music

Welcome to Stanford

We’re just a walk, a short ride, or a click away. Stanford lives its founding values when we connect with our communities next door – and across the globe.

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Engage with Stanford

The relationships we build invigorate lives and help us solve the challenges we share.

Two students ride their bikes on Jane Stanford Way

Explore Campus

Enjoy the many offerings, rich history, and quiet beauty of the campus.

Stanford football fans pass under the welcome signs to the 2016 Rose Bowl

Arts, Athletics, the Dish, and more

There’s a lot going on. Check our events, or go at your own pace.

An aerial view of Palm Drive and the Stanford Oval

More about Stanford

From the beginning, Stanford, along with the neighboring communities it joined, have grown and developed from their rural roots.

Learning Opportunities

Take advantage of Stanford's renowned educational programs and instructors.

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Lifelong Learning

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Mas Allá | Beyond Here

From “Our Lady of the Iguanas” in the Mexican state of Oaxaca to “Calle Corientes in 1930s Buenos Aires, the subjects look beyond the camera in this exhibit at the Cantor Museum. The Judy and Sidney Zuber Collection of Latin American Photography goes beyond what the viewer can see, a multiplicity of futures from 34 works by Latin American photographers. Free, on view through Jan. 28.

A view of an interactive map of Stanford where collaborative projects with community entities are active

Stanford offices, centers, and institutes that engage with the world

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