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The staff of the Office of Community Engagement seated on a bench in the Quad

About the Office of Community Engagement

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The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) engages Stanford people and programs to strengthen and advance collaboration with communities as we work to address mutual challenges. 

Our priority is mission-driven work that supports Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, while we welcome visitors and forge stronger engagement on campus and across the globe.

Together we create community as a common endeavor, enlivening our culture and commitment to place.

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Meet our team   

Lisa Chung 

Director, Engagement Communications

Temporary head shot of  OCE staff member Lisa Chung

Lisa is lead story-teller, exploring the many collaborations between Stanford and the community. 

Learn more about Lisa 


Kyle Cole 

Director, Education and STEM Outreach

Head shot of OCE staff member Kyle Cole

Kyle supports Stanford outreach and engagement efforts by connecting faculty, students, and staff with external partners and communities.  He works closely with the Research Development Office to help faculty develop broader impacts plans for grant proposals.  

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Erina DuBois

Director, Community Engagement 

Head shot of staff member Erina Dubois

Erina leads programs or functions to amplify positive university-wide impact.

Learn more about Erina 



Megan Swezey Fogarty  

Senior Associate Vice President for Community Engagement

Megan leads the Office of Community Engagement to help shape more purposeful engagement between Stanford and the communities with which the university interacts. 

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Jordan Gray

Director, Campus Engagement 

Head shot of OCE staff member Jordan Gray

Jordan works with staff, faculty, students, and post-docs to lead and manage the planning and implementation of projects, programs, and initiatives that promote and foster a sense and practice of connection to the mission of the university, the purpose of its activities, and the people who make up its community.

Learn more about Jordan 


Joanna Jeffs

Manager, Events and Community Engagement Projects

Head shot of OCE staff member Joanna Jeffs

Joanna coordinates community engagement events and exposure projects, supporting the university‚Äôs engagement with neighborhoods, and non-profit and government agencies. 

Learn more about Joanna


Beth McKeown  

Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement

Beth is responsible for operational and staffing functions that support community and campus activities to drive more purposeful engagement with the communities Stanford touches.

Learn more about Beth


LisaMarie Moroyoqui

Manager, Campus Engagement Projects 

Head shot of OCE staff member LisaMarie Moroyoqui

LisaMarie pilots projects to build community and social engagement by working with faculty, staff, and students.

Learn more about LisaMarie


Merry Pham

Director, Global Engagement and Program Strategy

Head shot of staff member Merry Pham

Merry collaborates with campus partners in advancing global engagement, including supporting global and regional visitors to connect with Stanford colleagues in mutual areas of work. She also manages operations for strategic projects including the community engagement hubs network and seed funding.

Learn more about Merry


Aubra Pricolo

Executive Assistant 

Aubra provides operations and project support for the community engagement team. 

Learn more about Aubra